Each year at Goodwill’s Annual Meeting they honor three groups who embody the spirit of Goodwill. This award was created to recognize individuals, organizations or businesses that go the extra mile to help Goodwill Industries of Northern New England fulfill their mission. Healy & Associates is proud to be the one of three winners of the Spirit of Goodwill award along Blouin Motors Inc. and The Eagles Club of Maine.

“For a number of years, Healey has been our partner in negotiating for progressive employee benefit packages. Healey & Associates has a firm grasp of what is important to the nonprofit sector as a whole, and the challenges we face here at Goodwill. More than that, Healey & Associates’ individual and collective commitment to our mission is unparalleled. Healey & Associates demonstrate their spirit of Goodwill everyday, whether as our advocate, as volunteers for events or through their philanthropy. Thorough the years Healey has been the sponsor of our annual Golf Classic, loyal attendees and volunteers at our auctions and committed donors to the Goodwill Fund. We value our partnership with Healey & Associates and are pleased to honor their dedication to Goodwill with the Spirit of Goodwill award.”